Siddharthanagar-4, Rupandehi,Lumbini Province
 +977 - 071-507086

Explore Gautam Buddha International Airport

Lumbini has a number of older temples, including the Mayadevi Temple, and various new temples, funded by Buddhist organisa...

Located inside the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Sacred Garden Area, Lumbini Museum displays about 12000 artifacts including religious manuscripts, metal sculptures, Terra cottas, coins from Maurya...

Royal Thai Monastery in Lumbini is an imposing and stunning wat-style (Thai Monastery style) monastery dedicated to Buddhist practices. The gleaming building is constructed from white marble and th...

The Ashoka Pillar in Lumbini is one of the 3rd Century stone pillars built under the reign of Emperor Ashoka. It was erected as a mark of respect by Ashoka after he visited Lord Buddha's place...

Airport Activities


Airport Chief

    Suresh Prasad Khanal

    off. General Manager

    Phone no.: 9847150550   

Information officer

    Binod Singh Rawat

    information officer

    Phone no.: 9849566071